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Impeachment: Nasarawa Lawmakers Call For Dissolution Of Investigative Panel

Impeachment: Nasarawa Lawmakers Call For Dissolution Of Investigative Panel
The Nasarawa State House of Assembly has called for the dissolution of the investigative panel set up to look into the allegations against the State Governor, Tanko Al-Makura. The panel, headed by Mr Yusuf Usman, was set up by the Nasarawa State Chief Judge, Justice Suleiman Dikko, to investigate the 16-count impeachment charges levelled against the Governor by the lawmakers.
Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja, the Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Mr Mohammed Ibaku, said that the panel lacks the credibility to carry out their duty.
Mr Ibaku explained that the Assembly based its decision on a petition written by a group known as Nasarawa Concerned Citizens, alleging irregularities in the composition of the panel.
The House took the decision while sitting in Karu Local Government, away from the assembly complex in Lafia, the state capital.
The members moved to the area, which borders the Federal Capital Territory, alleging insecurity at the Lafia assembly complex.
The house wants the Chief Judge to set up a new panel.

Jay Z ready to pull the plug on his marriage to Beyonce?

Another day, another Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumour. This one now claims Jay Z is so over keeping up pretenses he's ready to pull the plug on his marriage to Beyonce…

From NY Daily News
Expect Beyoncé to post a staged Instagram photo of herself and hubby Jay Z any minute now, because things between the couple have never been worse.
A close pal of the hip-hop power couple says Bey and Jay are being advised to play up their happy family act for the paparazzi and on social media, despite the collapse of their marriage. They will release a joint statement addressing the rumors in late September, once their current tour wraps, the friend says.
“Let’s leave it at it’s only a matter of time (until they split.) It’s so obvious now it’s embarrassing,” a source tells Confidenti@l. The duo are currently on the West Coast leg of their successful On the Run tour.
“Around the time the tour ends, they’ll make a choice on whether they want to separate or admit trouble.”
Another pal of the couple says they will finally address the problems because Jay is “so over it.” 
“He wants this tour to end and he wants the rumors to stop,” says our second source.
Our first insider says the couple, who married in 2008 and had daughter Blue Ivy in 2012, are both impeccable performers who have been fooling their fans for two years now and that their relationship is “strictly business.” 
And while Jay has told friends he wants out immediately, we’re told Beyoncé is fine with keeping the act up indefinitely.
“This (trouble) has been brewing longer than anyone knows,” says our first source. “They’re performers. And they’re good performers. It’s a business now, and they are business partners. And they don’t even fight. They know what it is.”
Their charade was working perfectly until May. That’s when leaked video showed Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, kicking and punching her brother-in-law in the Standard Hotel’s elevator following the Met Ball. Big sister Bey appeared to calmly watch the beat down.
But now, whispers of the relationship’s epic collapse are so loud that Bey and Jay have been reaching out separately to pals, complaining they’re unhappy because the energy of keeping up appearances offstage has become unbearable.
“They are both being advised on how to look like they’re together. A negative report comes out, or a breakup report comes out, and they are advised to post a picture with Blue Ivy,” says our second source.
So why stay together?
“Why do you think?” the source said. “Money. They will play the public as long as they can and get richer doing it.”
And while both the rapper and the singer are independently wealthy, they recognize the power they have together to pull in even more cash — and have choreographed On The Run with ample hugs, kisses and cuddles to appear like a solid married couple. Billboard has reported the tour can expect to gross close to $100 million before it ends its run.
"This is a classic case of damage control. Staged photos, tweets, it’s a business relationship,” says our well-placed insider. “They’re on tour and to get through the tour they have to put up a persona. It’s all spelled out. It’s more financially beneficial for them to continue the tour and the Instagrams and tweets while all this is happening. That’s how damage control works.”

INCREDIBLE: Man Buys House With A Locked Barn… And You Won’t Believe What Was Inside (PHOTOS)

INCREDIBLE: Man Buys House With A Locked Barn… And You Won’t Believe What Was Inside (PHOTOS)
A retirement home seems to have turned into a gold mine for one very lucky man.
The unnamed man is said to have bought a farmhouse, which had lay vacant for many years, for himself and his wife.
The only slight stumbling block was the fact it came with a barn which was welded shut.
But he took a chance and bought the Portuguese property at a knockdown price and soon picked up some grinders to open the barn door.
And, boy, was he glad he did as he made an incredible discovery.
Inside were scores of vintage cars, including Aston Martins, Mercedes and various Lotus models. They are dusty but many remain road-worthy.
The total value of the lot runs to several million pounds.
But is this story too good to be true?
Online reports suggest the pictures are real – but are simply a car dealer’s collection stored in a barn.
Tom Cotter of Sports Car Market magazine is quoted by Snopes as saying: “Nobody would simply sell an old farm and fail to mention to the new owners the stash of old cars in the barn.”
Cotter added: “The owner of the cars was a car dealer in the 1970s and 1980s, and decided to save the more interesting cars that came through his doors.
“When the barn was full, he padlocked and “soldered” the doors shut.”

Meet The Professional SEX TOY Tester: She Earns £15,000 Having 15 Orgasms A WEEK (PHOTOS)

Meet The Professional SEX TOY Tester: She Earns £15,000 Having 15 Orgasms A WEEK (PHOTOS)
Cara-Houiellebecq, professional sex toy tester (Photo credit: Daily Mirror)
Is this the best job ever? Cara Houiellebecq is a professional sex toy tester – and rakes in £15,000 a year having 15 orgasms a WEEK.
Saucy Cara has an office crammed with more than 2,000 raunchy toys, that she test drives for adult companies – before being paid to review each one on her blog.
The mum-of-two, from Lincoln, spends seven hours every week testing the toys since she became an erotic blogger five years ago.
The 33-year-old has sex toys delivered to her door four or five times a week and the toys have now become part of her everyday life.
 Cara Houiellebecq
Hard Job: Cara Houiellebecq is a professional sex toy tester and reviews them on her website.
Cara said: “Toys have always been a part of my private sex life – it gave me the idea to start writing about my sex life and I had the idea to start testing sex toys.
“It’s a great job, I’ve worked in a bank before but I’d never go back to that now – it’s never boring.”
The mother-of-two started her own blog with her toy reviews and began to get more and more hits.
Cara said: “Gradually my reviews became more and more prolific and I was noticed by a sex toy company who wanted me to work for them. Now manufacturers and sellers will ask if they can send stuff to me because so many people read my reviews.”
Cara worked at a sex toy website for two years – where she met her partner of four years – before leaving in February 2012 to set up on her own.
She has manufacturers from all over Britain sending her free toys to be reviewed and she also writes articles for companies as an industry consultant.
Cara Houiellebecq
Tough Choice: Cara gets sent toys to test every week and now has 2,000 in her home.
Cara said: “My friends love to ask me about toys, I’m the person who knows the best ones to use and the cheapest ones to buy.
“I get messages from friends saying ‘my jiggle balls are broken – what should I get to replace them?’ My favourite toy is a iGino One which you can charge via USB.
“I also love the Doxy Wand which is a mains powered magic wand – and I always recommend bullet vibrators.”
Cara has two children the eldest is nine and the youngest 19-months old – and makes sure never to talk around her job around the kids.
 Cara Houiellebecq
Bed Spread: Cara earns a whopping £15,000 for test driving the latest toys.
Sex toy testing is clearly a growth business, as just this week a company said it was looking for a man to give the latest gadgets a whirl in the bedroom.
Cara lives with her long term partner and his mother in their home in Gainsborough, Lincs. Cara met her partner Darren, 37, at work when he worked as a IT consultant for sextoys.co.uk.
Cara said: “My partner doesn’t see it as a threat – we always say that toys are the seasoning to a sex life – not a replacement.
“When I get toys for men he helps me with the testing – it’s a part of our lives now.”

Mother Of Kaduna Bomb Blast Suspect, Who Dressed Like A Women, Says Her Son Is Innocent (PICTURED)

Mother Of Kaduna Bomb Blast Suspect, Who Dressed Like A Women, Says Her Son Is Innocent (PICTURED)
The suspect pictured after his arrest
The mother of the man accused by the military of masterminding last week’s suicide car blast in Kawo, Kaduna says her son is innocent.
Mansir Yusuf, male who was dressed in a woman dress was arrested shortly after the blast on Wednesday. The blast targeted the convoy of former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari. The military issued a statement accusing Yusuf of being behind the attack.
The suspect’s mother, Zubeida Yusuf who lives in Mando, Kaduna said the military mistook her son for terror because he was found wearing female clothes. She said her son was under demonic attack which made him to act strangely and became fond of women’s dress.
Yusuf was wearing long robe and head cover and carrying a hand bag when he was arrested. He was severely beaten and stabbed with knife by a mob before he was picked up by soldiers.
“My son is not a terrorist. What is wrong with him is an evil spiritual attack which is making him to prefer women’s clothing and to act as one who is mentally retarded. Everyone in Mando knows that he only has a spiritual condition that is making him to act strangely.
“He often dresses normal from home, but whenever he gets to an uncompleted building, he would go in and change to the female clothes. He usually carries his bag. He has been taken to the Village Head several times and has been flogged in the hope to cast away the spirits, but the spirits have remained and have continued to torment him,” Zubeida told Daily Trust.
According to her, they were at home on Wednesday when they heard of the bomb blast in Kawo and people were running there. “My son said he was going there too and I told him to stay at home. But he sneaked out, and as usual he carried his bag with woman clothes and mobile phones.”
She said she later heard that her son had been killed and later that he was arrested by the military.
Zubeida challeged the government and everyone to come to Aminu Kano Street in Mando and ask of Mansir Yusuf,  saying “they all know him and know his spiritual challenges for years.”
An elderly man in Mando said the suspect was actually under spiritual attack.
“We have even suggested several treatment options to the family which I am sure they have commenced. But his case is purely a spiritual attack,” he said.
The suspect’s elder brother Ibrahim Yusuf said “the spirits making my brother to misbehave strangely have hindered him from doing any work to earn a living except the desire for wearing female clothes.”
A resident of Kawo, Sirajo Suleiman said Yusuf was not found with any explosives apart from some mobile phones and clothes.
Hassan Mai Shayi who stays in Kawo and knew the suspect said, “I heard that the mastermind of the blast has been caught but before I could go and see him another person told me that the suspect is a mentally retarded boy from Mando and that nothing was found on him.”

Mad Money: $22 Billion CASH, Pure Gold Guns, Other Exotic Things Found In Mexican Drug Lord’s House [LOOK]

Mad Money: $22 Billion CASH, Pure Gold Guns, Other Exotic Things Found In Mexican Drug Lord’s House [LOOK]
In March 2007, the Mexican government entered the home of Mexican drug lord, Mr. Ye Gon’s and seized hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. In an interview with the news agency AP, Mr. Ye Gon explained he agreed to keep the money in his home after his life, as well as those of his family, were threatened by members of Mexico’s PAN party.
The fortune, reportedly found by the police at the residence of a Mexican drug lord at Lomas de Chapultepec in Mexico City included the following:
207 million U.S. dollars
18 million Mexican pesos
200,000 euros
113,000 Hong Kong dollars
11 centenarios (Mexican gold bullion coins made of 1.20565 oz t (37.5 g) of pure gold.
A great amount of jewels, of unknown value
Confiscated along with the money were also:
Two Mexican-style dwellings of approximately 20 million pesos
A war chest of automatic guns
1 lab in construction of unknown value
7 vehicles
Check out the photos below:

Religious-themed handguns were scattered throughout the House.

Just a quaint little villa in the hills – Drug money bought it all!

Man-made cave and hot tub inside the home.

A collection of exotic animals

8 Lions

A very rare Tiger.

The back yard pool.

Exotic art collection

This pile of cash before it was counted was estimated to be approximately 18 Billion Dollars!

Guns were hidden all over the house, along with ample ammo, just in case of trouble.

Stacks of cash were found in every nook and cranny…

18 plastic bins filled with 100 dollar bills were found…

Another cabinet stacked tight with cash – all 100′s.

More 100′s.

Each of these stacks of 100′s holds USD 250,000 (a quarter of a million US dollars)! They also had millions in Colombian money and Mexican Pesos, although they preferred American dollars for the most part.

More Gold machine guns and pistols –  just held for collection value.