Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kano State to Free Indigenes out of 486 Boko Haram Suspects Detained in Abia State

Boko Haram suspects arrested in Abia State
Kano State authorities intend to set free Kano indigenes
among the 486 persons detained by security operatives in
Aba, Abia State, NAN reports.
On Sunday, June 15, hundreds of travelers from the Northern
regions of the country were arrested on the allegations of
belonging to Boko Haram terrorist sect. Most current reports
from the Aba city police indicate 87 sect's members were
indetified among the suspects, including a notorious kingpin.
However, many Nigerians have expressed doubts in the
validity of the operation, alleging the suspects' innocence.
Speaking in Kano today, the state's Commissioner for
Information, Danburan Abubakar, said the delegation are
currently in Abia having talks with the state government
officials and security agents, aiming at determining the exact
number of Kano indigenes and the nature of their offences.
Another goal of the delegation is to ensure that adequate care
is taken of the Kano indigenes.
"We directed the team to secure their release, if they were not
found guilty of any offence and bring them back home.
"We will not accept a situation where the fundamental human
rights of our innocent citizens are infringed upon.
"The committee has been directed to immediately report back
its findings to the government for necessary and appropriate
action," Mr. Abubakar said.
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How The World Quickly Stopped Caring About The Kidnapped Nigerian Girls In 3 Simple Charts

Hayes Brown, an editor at Think Progress and a blogger
conducted a research dedicated to the kidnap of more than
200 girls from the Government Girls Secondary School in the
town of Chibok, located in Nigeria's northeast Borno state by
militants from the terrorist group commonly known as Boko
Haram on April 14, 2014.
The research is based on 5 Goggle trends charts. Here's only
the part of the article that may be interesting for Nigerian
The girls are still missing. Their mothers still protest in
Nigeria's capital. International assistance is flowing into the
country to aid in the search. Despite that, the interest in the
plight of the nearly three hundred school-aged girls taken
over two months ago has plummeted since the story first
became the latest cause célèbre on the Internet. It's a common
enough assumption as to become cliche that interest in news
stories, barring large flashy developments, tends to fade over
But the data backs up that idea, particularly in the case of the
story of the three hundred girls from the Government Girls
Secondary School in the town of Chibok, located in Nigeria's
northeast Borno state. According to the data, that interest
lasted for roughly a week before sharply dropping to the
levels seen today. Since the kidnapping finally made its way
into the international press, the story has been shared and
tracked on social media through the hashtag
"#BringBackOurGirls, serving almost as a brand for the
abduction, an easy way to refer to the complex situation
Google offers a service called Google Trends which can be
used to examine how many people worldwide search for
given terms compared to other points over a certain period.
Plugging #BringBackOurGirls into Google Trends, modeling
the last 90 days of search traffic, shows a surge of interest in
the term peaking on Fri. May 9, before a sharp drop-off the
following Monday.
Interest over time. Web Search. Worldwide, Past 90 days.
View full report in Google
The hashtag originated in Nigeria roughly two weeks after the
girls' kidnapping. Searches for the hashtag on Google
skyrocketed the third week of the girls' kidnapping. A drop-
off in interest into the hashtag doesn't necessary mean that
interest in the story writ large is also falling. As a way to
minimize the chances of that, ThinkProgress also ran a query
for the term "Nigeria girls," a simple shorthand for the story.
The results are similar in terms of a clear peak followed by a
substantial drop-off in interest.
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APC National Chairman Reveals Ploy By PDP to Rig Ekiti Elections

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress(APC)
John Odigie-Oyegun has revealed a ploy by the Peoples
Democratic Party(PDP) to rig the Ekiti gubernatorial elections.
John Odigie-Oyegun, APC's national chairman
Speaking at a press briefing held in Lagos yesterday, Oyegun
alleged that the large number of security operatives deployed
to the state for the elections holding today is a ploy to rig the
"It is unfortunate that under the guise of providing security,
Ekiti State has been turned into a war zone. It has been over-
run by armed security personnel with the intention of
intimidating the opposition and the voters as well," Oyegun
Expressing doubt over the ability of the Jonathan-led Federal
Government to conduct a free, fair, credible and transparent
election in Ekiti, Oyegun said the PDP is too desperate to
capture Ekiti by every means.
He particularly criticised the alleged prevention of APC
governors and supporters by security agencies from entering
the state for the party's rally on Thursday which according to
him was a well orchestrated plan by the PDP to intimidate
APC chieftains and swing the election in favour of the PDP
"Our electoral laws are clear that every polling unit should
have one unarmed policeman and the military should have no
role in the election. But in Ekiti, armed police and military
personnel have been deployed in their numbers and the
question we are asking is whose purpose are they going to
"If the PDP were popular, they would not have any need to
militarise Ekiti State. But despite what is happening, we are
confident that we would capture Ekiti State. We have done
our survey and we know that we would win ," Oyegun said.
The PDP is too desperate to capture Ekiti by every means and
in view of this, we have deemed it fit to alert Nigerians to
their antics.
The APC chieftain therefore called on the international
partners to condemn the growing impunity by the ruling party
and the government it controls at the centre.
Meanwhile, the PDP had yesterday denied APC's accusations
of turning Ekiti state to war zone, saying the accusation was
absolutely wrong as the government is committed to one man,
one vote; and one woman, one vote.
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President Orders School Operators to Provide Adequate Security Measures

President Goodluck Jonathan said Boko Haram terrorists
were able to kidnap the 276 girls from their school's
dormitories in Chibok, Borno State, because of lack of
adequate security measures.
As he was receiving the report of the fact-finding committee
that was set up in early May to investigate the April 14
kidnap, Jonathan said, in part:
"If we had just five security personnel in the compound that
night, although they couldn't have stood the firepower of the
invaders, they could have alerted the girls and they wouldn't
have been deceived ... Most of them [the girls] would have
been able to escape and probably the number taken would
not have been up to 30.
"But because there was no security at all, there was nobody
to even warn the girls that there was danger."
"The story was that they came in military camouflage and
deceived the girls that they were soldiers, who came to take
them on protective custody because Boko Haram was
invading the community, and they followed."
Jonathan then ordered that school operators, notably of the
North Eastern boarding schools, ensure security for their
"Let me charge everybody, whether corporate bodies, federal
and state governments or individuals that own schools
especially in the north east, that if we must keep students in
hostels, there must be some basic security that should be
provided," the President said, adding: "While I am not
expecting school owners to put an army battalion on guard,
at least basic security arrangement should be made to protect
their students."
Further, the President said that the Federal Government would
rebuild the Chibok school using army engineers after the girls
are rescued and hand it over to the Borno State government to
The fact-finding committee has determined the exact number
of abducted girls (276), saying 219 are still in the hands of
captors. On Friday, photographs and names of almost all
missing girls were published in the ThisDay newspaper.
Despite the emergency rule imposed in Yobe, Borno and
Adamawa states over a year ago, the area has often been
targeted by Boko Haram.
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Boko Haram Terrorists Fear Their Commanders, Flee Camps in Sambisa Forest

Nigerian Army soldiers patrol Sambisa Forest
Two Boko Haram terrorists have left the camps in Sambisa
Forest for Bama local government area of Borno State out of
fear of being killed by their commanders.
According to DailyTrust, Boko Haram leaders are neutralizing
fellow members in every case they show resistance, inclusing
those who joined the sect willingly and those who were forced
Bama youths say the two fugitives are known for their ties
with the sect, and, upon sighting them, tried to capture them.
However, one of the suspect managed to flee.
Upon interogation, the caught terrorist has revealed they have
run away from Sabisa Forest out of fears for their lives.
Recall that a few days ago, aide to President Goodluck
Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, has shared some
photographs of Nigerian Army soldiers combing the vast
territory of Sambisa Forest.
The area is notorious for serving as a perfect hide-out for Boko
Haram fighters.
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Stephen Keshi Commiserates With Families of DamaturuExplosion Victims

Stephen Keshi commiserated with families and friends of the
21 victim who lost their lives in the explosion that occured at
a football screening venue in Damaturu, capital of Yobe
State, AP reports.
Fans were watching a World Cup Brazil-Mexico match on June
17, the day after the 0-0 draw between Nigeria's Super
Eagles and Iran's national team.
Speaking on Friday at a press conference held at Cuiabá's
Arena Pantanal (the capital city of the Brazilian state of Mato
Grosso), Keshi said:
"It's not a pleasant thing, seeing people dying for no reason.
It was like a double jeopardy - after our game most Nigerians
weren't very happy we had a tie against Iran, then the bomb
blast wasn't pleasant at all.
"It's very tough for Nigerians, our heart goes out to them and
we will do everything possible to ensure we can put a smile
on their faces tomorrow."
Captain of the Super Eagles, Norwich City defender currently
on loan to Turkish side Fenerbahce, Joseph Yobo also voiced
his condemn of the attack and hoped Super Eagles could
cheer Nigerians up a bit:
"We are very sad about the news. We understand the
situation. I think without the fans football wouldn't be
"Players understand why we''e here at the World Cup, to win
games, and then hopefully everyone will be happy. All we
can try and do is perform well for our country."
Nigeria plays their next Group F game against Bosnia in
Cuiaba on Saturday. Previously, the team's media officer Ben
Alaiya has said the players were obviously saddened by the
attack and had vowed to do their best.
Although police have put the death toll of Tuesday's incident
at 14, medical sources report there were at least 21 deaths.
Nigeria's police warned fans against going to public venues
showing matches.
This is not the first terror attack on football viewing centers, as
in late May, a bomb went off a venue in Jos, capital of
Plateau State. The police said three persons, including the
bomber, died.
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How Empty Cans May Land Lagos State's Residents In Trouble

Why Empty Cans May Land Lagos State's Residents In

Following shut-down of Nigeria's largest recycling company,
Alkem Industry at Apapa, Lagos, some weeks ago, the Lagos
State government has warned that whoever is found
throwing waste materials or cans improperly within the state
would be dealt with according to the law.
Since the shut down of Alkem Industry, the issue of waste
management has become a concern to Lagos State Waste
Management Agency (LAWMA), the largest collector of waste
in Lagos State for over 4 years.
This has prompted the Lagos State government, through the
the Ministry of Environment, to raise awareness on how to
dispose waste materials, especially to those Lagos residents
who carelessly throw disposable plastics and snacks pack out
of commercial and private vehicles windows.
* Commissioner for Environment in Lagos, Mr. Tunji Bello
The ministry also warned that whoever is found throwing any
form of waste material improperly shall be duly dealt with
according to the law.
Speaking at the Environment Watch Summit held on the 6th of
June, 2014 at the PSSD centre, Magodo, Mr Michael
Ogunjuyigbe said the mentality of Lagosians to throw
disposable plastics and snacks pack out of the vehicle window
is becoming more appalling than ever before.
He urged the government to introduce a more stern
punishment for the offense.
"It has been discovered that the way and manner Lagosians
go about disposing waste materials within the metropolis has
shown that the level of awareness of the citizens is not
enough," Ogunjuyigbe stated.
He added that: "We have seen from survey that the people
deemed it responsible to throw plastic bottles out of the
vehicle windows than laying it low in the vehicle while the
drivers clean up the bus after the day's job.
"The impact of their ignorant has today become evident in the
high level of waste congestion as seen in our environment
* Waste inside canal in Lagos
Investigation has shown that since the sudden shut-down of
Alkem Industry in March 2014, about 2,017 gutters and 118
link-carnal are already blocked with waste materials in Lagos
Ogunjuyigbe stated that this 'consequentially pose threat to
residents in Lagos State'.
He further buttressed that the rainy season is already here
and if drastic steps are not taken as a matter of urgency, the
flood experience in 2011 will be a child's play.
Commenting on the indiscriminate disposal of waste materials
within Lagos, Mrs. Kemi Fasode, a LAWMA staff, explained
that the rate at which waste is being disposed in Lagos State
in recent times has become an issue of concern.
* Waste materials inside drainage in Lagos
She added that disposal rate that used to be 20 trucks per
day has increased to 65 trucks per day.
"Our road cleaners are also few compare to the dirt that
constitute nuisance on our roads today. We watch commuters
throw wastes through the windows of their vehicles to our
faces even as we clean the road," she stated.
"It is not that the waste materials are more than what we
used to have in Lagos but because our largest collecting
agents no longer operate makes it obvious that there is an
urgent need for regulations on how people dispose waste
materials in Lagos State."
Mrs Ogboye Monisola, 32, a business woman,shares her
experience in a commercial bus as she tried to correct a fellow
commuter who chose to throw an empty bottle of Pepsi
through the window of a commuter bus .
* Packed waste materials
"I was coming from the Island two days ago and boarded a
bus to Oshodi. The lady who was sitting by my side wanted to
throw an empty bottle of Pepsi through the window on the
Third Mainland Bridge.
"I quickly cautioned her and urged her to leave it on the floor
as I was sure that the bus coordinator will clean up when we
get down. I was shocked with the way she looked at me with
disdain and hissed as she eventually threw the plastic bottle
into the lagoon anyway.
"She then looked at my face andasked me if I could tell her
who owns the lagoon that makes me to complain on its
"I was baffled with her ignorance," she narrated.
An attempt to find out the cause of sudden closure Alkem
Industry through a staff of the company, who pleaded to be
anonymous, revealed that the sudden closure was as a result
of high degree of gross mismanagement by the Indian
executives who own the company.
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Amaechi Recounts His Nearly Bloody Encounter With Soldiers In Akure

The Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi who was
ambushed by security operatives in Ado-Ekiti on his way to
attend the final rally of his party, APC, ahead of today's
governorship election has recounted his ordeal in the hands
of the soldiers in Akure.
Speaking to newsmen in Lagos yesterday, the governor said
the soldiers who were acting on 'order from above', physically
harassed and threatened to kill him.
Gov. Amaechi being harassed by security operatives
The Nation reports that Amaechi revealed some officials of the
federal government are working with military personnel to
rule the country by the use of force.
According to Amaechi, if he had known that he would get into
trouble he would have stayed in his house.
Recounting his ordeal, he said he had landed safely at Akure
airport and on his way to Ado Ekiti, he sighted about 15
soldiers, who corked their guns and took positions as soon as
they saw him.
Amaechi said, "They stopped me and said I would not go to
Ekiti. Meanwhile, other vehicles were going. They told me they
were on order not to allow Governor Amaechi get to Ekiti. I
asked if it was all the governors that were placed on the
order, but they said: 'It is you alone .'"
As he was leaving, he said he got a call from his party's
hierarchy who told him they were aware of what was
happening and were coming to meet him so he stopped, only
to realize the soldiers were still trailing him, after about seven
kilometres of driving.
They came to him and told him he had 20 minutes to move
out of the area or they would shoot him.
"Everybody was panicking. Now, I was ready for the
shooting, so I made my prayers. As I made my prayer, I told
them I was ready for the shooting. I stayed put. After 20
minutes, they told us they gave us 10 more minutes or they
would shoot. I said they better start shooting because in 10
minutes I woud be there ," the governor said.
While he was still there waiting, Lai Mohammed, Rotimi
Akeredolu and another senator sent by his party, came to
meet him.
Gov. Amaechi decried the situation, describing as really
unfortunate the democracy that the country pretends to have
which according to him is a collaboration between civilians
and military men.
It would be recalled that on Thursday, June 19, Amaechi had
flown into Akure in a chartered plane from Port Harcourt only
for the plane to be grounded by the authorities and he was
being held hostage for about an hour.
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Security Operatives Take Over Ekiti, Arrest APC Leaders

Security operatives reportedly harassed some prominent
member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 16 local
government areas of Ekiti State ahead of today's
governorship election in the state.
According to report from Sahara Reporters, the security
operatives comprising the army, mobile police and State
Security Services (SSS) went on rampage, arresting and
terrorising people.
Those arrested include, Mr. Olaiya Popoolati who was picked
up by the security men in Iye Ekiti, the headquarters of
Ilejemeje Local Government, and taken to an unknown
The wife of another leader of the party, Chief Kehinde
Babatola was picked up as her husband was not at home
when they stormed his residence.
In Epe Ekiti in Moba Local Government area, the agents
picked up Femi Fadare while 10 men who were watching the
football match between France and Switzerland were arrested
in in Ado Ekiti, the state capital on the suspicion that they
were APC members.
An APC leader in Iye Ekiti, Chief Folorunsho Olabode reacting
to the arrest, described it as an attempt to intimidate the
people of Ekiti so that they do not exercise their civic rights
during the elections, adding that they will not allow the state
to be turned into a war zone.
Meanwhile, there reports that soldiers invaded the home
Director General of Governor Kayode Fayemi's campaign
organization, Bimbo Daramola's house in Ire-Ekiti but he had
left home before their invasion. He however disclosed that his
84-year old father had been thoroughly harassed by the
Sahara Reporters gathered that President Goodluck Jonathan
sent 36,000 security agents to Ekiti for the gubernatorial
elections. Among them are 12,340 regular policemen; 3170
anti-riot policemen; 4,280 soldiers; 1800 Nigerian secret
police operatives and 15 civil defense personnel.
Some days back, the APC had accused the PDP-led federal
government of militarizing Ekiti State as they had stopped the
governors of Kano, Rivers and Edo from attending the APC
governorship campaign rally in Ado-Ekiti .
The presidency had debunked this accusation, saying,
Jonathan's administration which has been most tolerant of
opposition is committed to free and fair elections.
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The Names and Photographs Of Chibok Girls Abducted By Boko Haram have been Publish

On Friday, names and photographs of the 197 girls still in the
hands of the Boko Haram terrorist sect appeared in ThisDay
newspaper - 67 days after almost 300 female students were
abducted from their dormitories of the Government Girls
Secondary School in Chibok town, Borno State.
According to the report submitted by the fact-finding
Committee to President Goodluck Jonathan, which was set up
to look into the matter that sparked national and international
outrage, 276 girls were abducted on April 14, with 219 still
missing. 57 girls managed to escape from their captors ans
were reunited with their families.
The Nigerian government has accepted, received assistance
from and worked together with other countries, including the
United States and the United Kingdom, as well as France,
China, and Israel.
This week, United Nations Special Envoy for education Gordon
Brown, who has met the leader of the community council in
Chibok, said the community leader and the girls' families have
given permission for the names and photographs to be made
public. Also, a list of which exams the girls took shortly before
their abduction was published in the newspaper, with most
girls majoring in "government" (politics) and physics.
Some of the screenshots of the newspaper pages were made
and shared on Twitter by a prominent Nigerian political
commentator and journalist Tolu Ogunlesi.
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Friday, 20 June 2014

Atiku Warns PDP-Led Federal Governemt Against Impunity

The former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar on
Thursday, reacted to the grounding of the All Progressive
Congress (APC), governors planes from taking off from their
various federal government owned state airports.
Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar
The former vice president, who made this known in a
statement issued in Abuja from his media office said, the
decision was part of measures to stop the APC governors from
attending the campaign rally for their Ekiti State counterpart,
Kayode Fayemi.
The Turaki Adamawa, who warned the federal government
against impunity stated that the Peoples Democratic Party,
PDP led administration under President Goodluck Jonathan is
turning the country into a police state following the restrictions
placed on the way of the governors and party members.
Atiku pointed out that the action of the PDP-led federal
government in stopping the governors of Kano, Rivers and Edo
from attending the APC governorship campaign rally in Ado-
Ekiti yesterday , was in a Gestapo-like manner which is
capable of turning Nigeria into a Banana Republic where
fundamental rights of citizens are trampled upon with
He said it was very surprising to see the way the federal
government has been dragging the military and police into
"The government must stop instigating state security agents
paid from tax payers money against helpless, and law
abiding Nigerians" Atiku said. "Our gallant military men
should remain focused on securing and protecting the
territorial integrity of our great nation, especially in this time
of terror attacks and insurgency across the country."
Atiku, who made a promise at the party's national convention
that he would lead the movement to oust the present
administration which he described as inept and incompetent.
The former vice president further asserted that the present
administration has failed Nigerians, and reminded the
populace that "a government that deprives its citizens from
access to jobs and education as manifested by the on-going
closure of some tertiary institutions, such as polytechnics, to be
shut for nearly a year, has alienated itself from the masses
and will definitely suffer the repercussion at the polls, use of
force or not."
Atiku also reiterated that the APC remains the only viable
alternative to the PDP-led government, saying: "is a
prescription for socio-political peace, progress, equity,
security, unity and national development."
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Boko Haram Forcefully Recruit Cameroonian Boys Into Sect

Fresh report indicates that militants of the dreaded Boko
Haram group snatch young boys in Cameroon, from across
the boarder with Nigeria, to force them into the sect.
Photo: Cameroonian elite troops, B.I.R
According to Daily Mail, numerous villages in the area were
cleared out and schools torched by the terrorists even despite
the presence of elite troops of Battalion D'Intervention Rapide
Speaking with Sky News, residents said Boko Haram raided
villages during the daytime to snatch boys.
One of the boys narrated how he refused to join the terrorists,
causing substantial tension, however he managed to escape
from them.
While Nigeria accuses Cameroon of being unable to prevent
the insurgents from crossing the border and thus letting them
hide in the neighbouring country, the spokesperson of
Cameroon's Defence Ministry Lieutenant Colonel Badjeck
claims speaking with Sky News:
"They [Boko Haram] are not in Cameroon. Why would we
allow that? This is bad for Cameroon. We are suffering too at
the hands of Boko Haram."
It would be recalled that more than two months have passed
since the abduction of over 250 Chibok school girls. The
feared sect claimed responsibility for the kidnap 3 weeks later
stating that they would sell the girls in the market.
Numerous experts alleged that the students might have been
splitt into groups and relocated to the neighbouring countries.
Later Cameroon and Chad claimed they might block the main
routes said to be used by insurgents.
Despite the international support in the find-and-rescue
operation, the abduction victims still remain in captivity.
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2015: Mohammed Abacha To Contest For Governor In KanoState

Mohammed, the son of late head of state, General Sani
Abacha who was on Wednesday freed of the 100 billion
stolen funds lawsuit against him is set to run for Kano state
Governor in the 2015 elections.
Mohammed Abacha
It would be recalled that Mohammed who defected to the
ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party in 2013 said PDP is the
right party for him in the current dispensation is now set to join
forces with pro Jonathan supporters and win back Kano State
for Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
According to competent sources told Vanguard that
Mohammed's Wednesday's withdrawal of the N446.3 billion
money laundering charge against him was aimed at giving
him a clean bill to be able to run as PDP gubernatorial
candidate in the next election.
A close associate of the family admitted, yesterday, that the
Abachas were very excited about the withdrawal of the case
against Mohammed by the Attorney General of the
Federation, Mohammed Adoke, and that he would likely
proceed with his gubernatorial campaign programme.
Some well wishers were also said to have stopped by on
Wednesday and yesterday to congratulate Abacha and
sympathise with him over his lingering trial by the
A top source in Kano explained, yesterday, that the
Presidency, which considers Mohammed Abacha as one of the
most influential young politicians in Kano, had primed him to
challenge the rising political clout of Governor Rabiu
Kwankwaso and secure victory for PDP in 2015.
The Presidency, it was further learnt, believes that it was the
solid political structure put in place by Mohammed Abacha
that secured victory for Kwankwaso, who defected to APC last
year and the PDP are willing to take over Governor
Kwankwaso who has the intention to run for second term in
the elections on APC's platform.
However, Kwankwaso is said to facing severe opposition from
the Presidency particularly, after allegedly appointing the
former Central bank of Nigeria, CBN's Governor, Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi, as Emir of Kano, against the wish of the
Presidency and his party, which reportedly preferred a
different person. It would be recalled that kwankwaso last
week said: "Hold Jonathan responsible for whatever happens
to me, my family or even the people of Kano."
Meanwhile in preparation of Abacha's takeover in Kano state,
colourful and intimidating campaign posters have been placed
by the side of the Kano State PDP Secretariat along New
Court Road, Jedi Jedi Quarters of Kano metropolis in addition
to opening of his campaign office along Audu Bako Way, also
in the city.
A Kano politician described Mohammed Abacha as someone
who enjoys a very "smooth rela-tionship and support of the
youths of the town" and also has a deep understanding of the
politics of the state.
The politician said: "Let me tell you, the junior Abacha enjoys
the support of the people and also has a good working
relationship with Shekarau."
It would be recalled that on January 17, 2014, the Supreme
Court ordered that Mohammed Abacha be returned to an
Abuja High Court and face his trial and was charged with a
123 count criminal charges by the Federal Government of
Nigeria, wherein he was alleged to be in possession of stolen
properties belonging to the Federal Government.
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How I Predicted Keefe’s Death — Popular Female Drummer,Ara

Nigerian female talking drummer, Aralola Olumuyiwa
popularly known as Ara has revealed how she predicted the
death of the late singer, Kefee.
She told Best of Nollywood's chat forum saying:
"I want to use this forum to appeal to my colleagues in the
music industry. Less than two years ago, I had a dream
about Keffee and immediately called her and narrated it
to her, I also appealed to her not to make a joke of
it….the rest is history.
Early this year, I had a dream and contacted Efe of NOW
music as he's the only one I could call and told him to
please organise a forum for all musicians to assemble and
pray against death amongst us (please confirm from Efe).
It's sad we had to lose my girlfriend, sister and
colleague…so sad.
When a revelation comes like that, it means there is a
way out. Once again, we need to come together as a
body under one roof to rebuke and pray about this
revelation I had early this year. Yes, we all have different
sources of prayer but this is a prayer we all must observe
I beg you all. I didn't want to speak out but I have no
choice than to".
Meanwhile it would be recalled in an interview Ara granted in
March 2014, the singer who revealed she had a gift of seeing
visions and interpreting dreams was quoted as saying: "I
don't even have to sleep to see something. I think it has to do
with my spiritual aspect. I fast a lot. My life off stage is an
entirely different one. I actually attend the Mountain of Fire
and Miracles Ministries and if you can't pray, you don't attend
MFM. It is a do-it-yourself church - which has helped me
Kefee died on June Kefee died on June 13th of lungs failure
after 15 days in a coma at Desert Spring Hospital, Las Vegas.
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Court Orders Polytechnic Student To Die By Hanging

A 22-year old student of Delta State Polytechnic, Eguono
Akpeghughu, has been sentenced to death by hanging by a
Warri High Court in southern Nigeria.
PMNEWS reports that Akpeghughu was found guilty on a
two-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and
armed robbery after he was alleged to have robbed his victim
of cash and other valuables worth over N30,000.
According to the police prosecutor, the offences are punishable
under section 1(2)(a) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special
Provisions) Act, Cap R 11 Volume 14, Laws of the Federation
of Nigeria, 2004.
The court held that the prosecution proved essential
ingredients of armed robbery against the accused beyond all
reasonable doubt from the totality of evidence presented
before the court.
The court further held that prosecution was able to pin the
accused to the scene of crime from the evidence of Prosecution
Witness 1, the testimony of a witness who assisted in arresting
the accused as well of his confessional statement and other
exhibits recovered from him including the wrist watch of the
victim which were all tendered and admitted in evidence by
the court.
It was gathered from the floor of the court that the convict with
others now at large, on 4 January 2008, had attacked
George Ogbemudia at Bazunu junction, Warri and robbed
him of his wrist watch worth N1,200, a necklace worth
N7,000, Sony Ericsson handset worth N26,000 and N2,000
It was informed that the accused was arrested with the help of
a passerby when the victim summoned up courage and
grabbed the accused as he attempted to escape with his loot
and raised alarm while his other gang members escaped.
After thorough investigation by the police, it was discovered
that the accused, suspected to be a member of an armed
gang terrorising the neighbourhood especially pedestrians,
lives very close to the scene of crime.
He was later handed over to the police where he voluntarily
made a confessional statement admitting to the crime.
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JUST IN: Court Stops Reps From Probing Diezani Over Jet Scandal

Information emanating from the Federal Capital Territory,
FCT, indicates that a Federal High Court in Abuja has stalled
the House of Representatives from probing Minister of
Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke over the
N10bn she allegedly spent in two years to charter a private
jet, Challenger 850.
It was gathered that the court ruled that the probe should be
stopped pending determination of her suit.
PUNCH reports that the case has been adjourned till July 3.
* Minister for Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-
Details of everything that transpired at the court today is still
being expected.
Meanwhile, it could be recalled that the embattled minister
had on Tuesday, 10 May, 2014, filed a fresh application for a
provisional order to stop the National Assembly from going
ahead with the probe on the allegation that she spent N10bn
on a chartered aircraft.
In the application, Mrs Alison-Madueke, through one of her
lawyers, Mr. Mike Ozekhome (SAN), urged the court to
restrain the House of Representatives from carrying out its
threat to commence the probe on June 17.
The Minister, alongside the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC, had earlier approached a Federal High
Court in Abuja, both seeking a court order to stop the probe.
The Minister's suit was filed before Justice Ahmed Mohammed
of the Federal High Court in Abuja.
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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi May Drop Osaze Odemwingie

Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi May Drop Osaze Odemwingie Super eagles coach, Stephen Keshi may drop Stoke City striker Osaze Odemwingie for him not playing to instruction when brought in the second half against Iran. Following the super eagles goalless draw with Iran, Stephen Keshi while revealing why his team could not defeat Iran blamed Osazewho he introduced until the 69th minute for the team's failure. He said:"The Osaze you are talking about didn't do well. Osaze did not play to instructions and that affected the team." However, Super Eagles Captain, Austin Jay Jay Okocha who spoke about the match onTuesday doesn't support Keshi blaming Osaze as a matter of fact he believes Osaze brought some urgency and creativity to the Eagles attack on Monday rather he blamed Keshi for the team's approach. It would be recalled that on Tuesday, June 17, Keshi also told FIFA.COM that he blamed their performance on lack of inspiration. Meanwhile, Skipper Joseph Yobo is expected to keep his place in the first team after Turkey-based defender Godfrey Oboabona was ruled out of Saturday's cracker as a result of a foot injury he suffered against Iran. Yobo said that reaching a century of international caps would be an added bonus for him as he was already fulfilled to be at his third World Cup. "I'm just happy that I made it here because towards the end of the season I got injured and it was difficult for me," he revealed. "Any other personal achievement will be great and I will enjoy it."

Nigerians Hold Memorial Service For Late Singer, Kefee In California, USA

Nigerians Hold Memorial Service For Late Singer, Kefee In California, USA Friends and family of the late Nigerian singer, Irikefe Obareki, popularly known as Kefee, have concluded plans to hold a memorial service and a celebration of life for theKokorokocrooner on Thursday, 19 June, 2014. Pulsereports that the event, which will hold in California, USA, will parade some of the finest Nigerian gospel singers and ministers who are based in the US. According to the organizers of the service, the occasion will not be an event for tears but that of celebrating the impacts the late Kefee had on Nigerians with her soul lifting songs, industry and encouraging spirit. It could be recalled that the lateBranamaQueen passed on on Friday, June 13, 2014, in the United States of America. According to her manager, the late singer died of lung cancer. * The late Kefee The remains of the late gospel singer arrived Nigeria on Tuesday, 17 June, 2014ahead of the burial which will hold later this month. Kefee's body was flown into the country via a Delta Airline aircraft and touched down at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, at 4 pm. As the Obareki's family prepares for Kefee's burial, we wish them the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Gunmen Storms Omisore’s Lagos Home

The Lagos residence of the Osun State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Senator Iyiola Omisore has been reportedly invaded by gunmen. Senator Iyiola Omisore This was made to known to newsmen on Wednesday by Prince Diran Odeyemi, the Media Head of the Omisore Campaign Organisation. He said the gunmen invaded the house on Ikoyi Avenue, Lagos, around 2am on Tuesday, looking for Omisore. The media head, who could not confirm the number of the assailants revealed that one of them was arrested by the police. "On arriving at the compound, the gunmen were shouting that they meant to terminate Otunba Omisore's life. They tied the security guards with ropes and headed straight to Omisore's room, but were disappointed as he was nowhere to be found" he said. "They cut off all communication gadgets and security network in the residence and searched for Omisore, who was busy in Osun State with his political campaigns. The assassins did not touch any of his personal effects, like money, documents and other valuable items, except for the burglary proof they damaged." He said Omisore has been informed of the incident, but yet to return to Lagos. Omisore is a frontline politician, who served as the second elected Deputy Governor of Osun State, from 1999- 2002 on the platform of the Alliance for Democracy (AD). He was elected a member of the Nigerian Senate representing Osun East district from 2003 - 2011; on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP).

Darmaturu Explosion Survivors Narrate Ordeal

Darmaturu Explosion Survivors Narrate Ordeal Survivors of Tuesday attack on the viewing center in Damaturu, Yobe State, recall the ghastly ordeal. Photo: Damaturu explosion survivor The explosion, which claimed according to police at least 14 lives, occurred late evening shortly after Brazil-Mexico game of the FIFA World Cup had kicked off. Daily Telegraph refers to the words of those trapped in the place, who said that the explosion force blew off limbs and knocked people senseless. One of the survivors identified as Babagana Mohammed narrated: "The bomb just threw me and I didn't even know where I was." Another victim, Musa Mohammed, stopped at the spot just to buy airtimefor his mobile when he suddenly heard the explosion. He said some people lost their limbs adding: "Some were amputated ... But thank God mine was a lesser injury." It was later learnt from the eyewitness that a suicide bomber drove into the area in a tricycle taxi full of explosives, however police claimed the explosion came from the abandoned car parked on the road in front. It would be recalled that the Nigerian police highly recommended people to avoid public viewing spotsfollowing the Damaturu bombing.

DFID Assures Nigeria Government Of Continuos Support

DFID Assures Nigeria Government Of Continuos Support The United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), on Wednesday promised to do everything possible to support the Nigerian Government. DFID Bulding This was made known in Abuja by Ben Mellor, DFID Head of Office during a courtesy visit to the Director General, Nigeria Governor's Forum (NGF), Asishana Okauru. He noted that Nigerian governors had the interest of the country at heart irrespective of the crack within the forum, revealing that he is encouraged by the activities of the secretariat and promised to work with it to ensure the development in Nigerian states. Mellor, who assured that he would not be discouraged by the country's huge challenges lauded the great opportunities therein. He revealed that his visit was aimed at accessing the forum's secretariat in order to know its future plans and how the DFID could help. He said he was elated to see that the forum's secretariat had remained non partisan and had continued to work on improving governance in the country in the face of challenges, noting that it was a step in the right direction and wished the Nigerian government and the people the best in the 2015 general elections. Responding to the development partners, Okauru expressed optimism that the crisis within the forum would soon be resolved. "As soon as they get a few things resolved, we should be back fully on stream" he said, adding that certain concrete agreement was presently being reached by the governors to ensure that the forum became one in the interest of the people and the nation. He said that in spite of the seeming crack within the forum, the secretariat was focused on its responsibility of servicing the elected 36 governors of the federation, pointing out that the secretariat being a policy hub; was structured to service the governors irrespective of their parties, and had maintained contact with the governors in spite of the situation. "There are challenges but those challenges are not peculiar to the forum, they are actually about the country" Okauru said. "It is all about politics and our political calendar. We have never had the kind of dynamics we are experiencing now, where you have two major political parties that are almost at the same level". The DG said the secretariat would ensure that the forum was not used as a platform for political parties to achieve their aspirations, and urged the DFID to support the secretariat's various programmes which includes its induction programme for newly elected governors and its peer review initiative, among others. He explained that the secretariats peer review and knowledge management initiatives are wonderful tools that can reconcile the governors, adding that the secretariat was also working on isolating best practices of serving governors to make same available for returning and incoming governors in 2015. Okauru disclosed that the secretariat has been able to put together governors' inaugural speeches from 2009 to 2011 which would enable electorate hold governors accountable for the promises they made on the day they were inaugurated.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Huh? Miranda Kerr denies Brad Pitt romance rumours

How did we miss this one? In a bizarre twist of events no-one saw coming, Miranda Kerr has denied rumours that she dated Brad Pitt. Rumours that must have been lurking in some dark corner of the internet, because we certainly don't remember them.  Speaking to Vogue Australia, the top model reveals that the gossip has caused unnecessary drama for her and her publicist: "I met him once. My publicist sends me these stories and asks if I want to comment. I don't think there's a reason to because it's ridiculous. If I start, then I'll spend the whole day commenting."So Miranda DIDN'T date Brad, you guys. And she's also not dating businessman James Packer, who the model has been linked with several times:"I've known James for many years but I'm single and I'm enjoying being single" Miranda said. "I was in a relationship for such a long time - seven years with Orlando - so it's important for me at the moment to spend time with my son and focus on my work."Kerr is in the process of attaining a divorce from Orlando Bloom, who she split up with after three years of marriage in October 2013.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Edo State Former Governor, John Oyegun Emerges APC Chairman

John Odigie Oyegun, National Chairman of All Progressives Congress APCJohn Odigie Oyegun, the former Governor of Edo State has emerged the first National Chairman of All Progressives Congress APC, in Nigeria. John Odigie Oyegun, National Chairman of All Progressives Congress APC John Odigie Oyegun, National Chairman of All Progressives Congress APC Oyegun, who was the Executive Governor of Edo State between 1992 and 1993, during the aborted Nigerian Third Republic, was born on August 12, 1939, in Warri, Delta State. Meanwhile, Oyegun’s, succession of ex-Governor Bisi Akande, followed intense negotiations and horse trading among various contending forces in the party as Oyegun’s candidature was promoted by a national leader of the party and former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Tinubu. He attended St. Patrick’s College, Asaba, and then went to the University of Ibadan where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He has served in various capacities as a federal civil servant working as a development planner. Oyegun, who was elected governor of Edo State under the Social Democratic Party, SDP platform, during the transition to democracy launched by General Ibrahim Babangida, served from January 1992 to November 1993. The ex-governor was ousted from office after General Sani Abacha seized power, but he later became a leader of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). Oyegun was the chairman of the Technical Working Committee of CODER in 2009, while on June 13, 2014, he was elected chairman of Nigerian mega party, the All Progressives Congress following its high profile national convention. However, other new executives elected include; Mai Mala Buni from Yobe state, emerged as the new National Secretary to replace Tijjani Tumsah, while the former Interim National Secretary, who was also a strong candidate, was convinced by the outgoing National Chairman of the party, Bisi Akande, to step down from the race and allow fresh officials to take over as both Chairman and Secretary. Former Governor Segun Oni was elected the party’s Deputy National Chairman (South) while a former National Secretary of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Lawal Shuaibu, was elected Deputy National Chairman (North), as well as Lai Mohammed, who returned as the National Publicity Secretary of the party unopposed. Meanwhile, the emergence of Oyegun, who is a Christian from the south, as the first chairman of the APC was widely viewed as a checkmate on Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and other critics who have carried on a sustained castigation of the party as an Islamist organisation. READ MORE: http://news.naij.com/68143.html

Presidency Berates Kwankwaso

President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday responded to the Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso’s allegation that the President wants to assassinate him. President Goodluck Jonathan. Credit: AP President Goodluck Jonathan. Credit: AP The response which was conveyed through two ministers suspected to be acting on behalf of the President, criticized Kwankwaso in separate statements issued in Abuja by Labaran Maku, the Minister of Information as well as the Minister of Police Affairs, Abdul Jelili Adesiyan. The ministers described the governor as being desperate and paranoid; pointing out that his allegation against Jonathan was the peak of irresponsibility and an indication of a failed governor. Maku, challenged the governor to explain to the people of Kano the role him and the All Progressives Congress played in the emergence of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as the Emir of Kano, instead of dragging the President to it. It would be recalled that Kwankwaso on Wednesday accused the President of being responsible for the conflicts that trialed the appointment of the new Emir, Sanusi. He also stated that the President should be held responsible for whatever happens to him, his family or the people of the state According to the statement issued on behalf of the information minister by his Chief Press Secretary, Joseph Mutah, he said Kwankwaso was trying to smear the image of the president and the Federal Government. “It is a known fact that the appointment of traditional rulers is within the purview of state governments and it is surprising why Kwankwaso has chosen to drag the name of the President into the succession crisis rocking the Kano Emirate. “Instead of throwing tantrums and casting aspersions on imaginary enemies, Kwankwaso should face the people of Kano and explain to them the role he and APC leaders played in the imbroglio. Minister of Information, Labaran Maku Minister of Information, Labaran Maku “The Police in Kano have offered explanations why officers and men were deployed to guard the palace of the emir, yet Governor Kwankwaso decided to further his unbridled campaign of blackmail against the President and the Federal Government. “The recent outbursts of Kwankwaso have lent credence to observations in some quarters that the governor is now afraid of his own shadow as the people of Kano become increasingly impatient with his years of one-man rule under which he imposes his will on the state in total disregard to the wishes of the people” Maku said. However, Kwankwaso, on his Twitter page on Wednesday, insisted that he followed the same procedure which Ibrahim Dankwambo, the Gombe State governor adopted in appointing the new Emir of Gombe, and questioned why the President should cause crisis in his state, as well as accused him of plotting an agenda which is not good for this country. He urged the Jonathan-led administration to focus its attention on the security challenges bedeviling the country and not him. Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso Maku went further to say that: “After the recent denial of freedom of choice for the people of Kano by imposing local government chairmen and councillors on them, he then took on the late Kano monarch shortly before his demise. “Governor Kwankwaso, as is well known to the public, then went on a highly politicised selection process, turning the ascension to the throne of Kano into a partisan political enterprise during which prominent All Progressives Congress leaders and some governors moved to Kano reportedly to influence the outcome. “The result is the outpouring of anger and protests in the ancient city of Kano with the unfortunate breakdown of law and order. “Governor Kwankwaso is therefore singularly responsible for the violence in his state. The selection of successors to other traditional institutions in other parts of the North in recent years has not witnessed the kind of public anger and protests and violence that greeted the exercise conducted by Kwankwaso at the Government House in Kano. “The police authorities in the light of the violent opposition to the highly political selection process for the new Emir of Kano only helped to restore law and order and to protect the historic palace of the throne of Kano from being razed or destroyed by aggrieved people of Kano. “To turn round to blame President Jonathan or the Federal Government for the crisis is the height of delusion and irresponsibility on the part of Kwankwaso. He is the architect of the crisis and violence and if he has a conscience, he should examine his role in this unfortunate and needless crisis into which he has plunged the ancient city of Kano and its respected traditional institution in recent weeks. “The latest claim by Kwankwaso is wild and outlandish and does not fit into the character of President Jonathan or the Federal Government of Nigeria. “The Federal Government urged the people of Kano to remain peaceful and law-abiding, as well as shun violence “in spite of the highhandedness of Governor Kwankwaso and his associates” Maku said. Similarly, Police Affairs Minister who also berated the governor, said it unfortunate that instead of Kwankwaso to be thankful for the efforts of the officers who maintained peace during the crisis, he was busy insulting the president. In a statement issued by Adesiyan’s Chief Press Secretary, Wale Akinola, the minister stressed the need for Kwankwaso to be educated on the role of security agencies in the country. “Police have the mandate to protect the lives and property of every citizen of Nigeria and Kano State cannot be an exception. “When there is protest, the police should be able to protect people’s lives so that it will not lead to a major crisis and that was what the police did in Kano to stop youths who were dissatisfied with the appointment of Sanusi as the Emir of Kano. “But instead of appreciating the efforts of security agents in bringing about peace in the state, Kwankwaso was abusing Mr. President. Minister of Police Affairs, Abdul Jelili Adesiyan. Minister of Police Affairs, Abdul Jelili Adesiyan “I think Kwankwaso needs to be educated on the role of police and other security agencies in the society as well as the functions of the President of Nigeria in order to give him an insight into their operational procedure” Adesiyan said. The minister described the governor’s outburst against the President as an indication of a failed governor who acts against the will of the people. “It is rather unfathomable that Kwankwaso could use the protest that followed the appointment of Sanusi as the Emir of Kano as an opportunity to insult the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria the way he likes. “His recent outburst is an indication of a failed governor who acts against the will of the people. “Have you ever seen the opposition party insulting the President of the United States of America, or the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, or Chancellor in Germany? “It is only in Nigeria that those who lack patriotism like Kwankwaso can insult the President at will. “Rather than reflect and ever remain grateful to PDP for giving him the platform to become a governor and a minister, Kwankwaso now has the audacity to abuse the President. “While I recognise the inalienable right of citizens to hold opinions and identify with political platforms of their choice, I find it very difficult to understand the type of bitterness that has taken hold of an elected person like Governor Kwankwaso who hugely benefitted from the PDP on which platform he was twice elected governor in addition to being appointed minister. “Kwankwaso has not only shown his aversion to the unity of the nation but also the agenda of his party, the APC, to attack well-meaning individuals and leaders as a means to cause confusion among Nigerians and destroy our oneness as a people” Adesiyan added. When Kwankwaso was asked to respond to the ministers’ statement, he said he had no comments, while his media aide, Baba Dantiye, later said: “We have no more comments on this. We are busy with the convention.”

Friday, 13 June 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Singer, Kefee Is Dead

Nigerian singer and radio personality, Kefee Don Momoh popularly called Kefee who collapsed on a 14-hour flight to Chicago is dead. photo Kefee The Sapele born singer passed on in the early hours of today in an undisclosed Los Angeles Hospital in the US where she was rushed to for treatment. Kefee's Publicist manager, Adeline in an official statement confirmed the singer's death. It reads below On behalf of the family. It is with a great sadness but grateful hearts that we announce the passing to glory due to Lungs failure this morning of our God’s mouth piece, chorus leader, daughter, wife, sister, friend Kefee Branama Queen … May her beautiful, gentle and precious soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN!!! PS: In contrast to all earlier rumors and stories in circulation, I do state that Kefee wasn’t 6 months pregnant and neither did she have pre-eclampsia. For the family Adeline Adelicious Adebayo (Kefee’s UK Manager) Also confirming Kefee's death is On-Air-Personality for Wazobia FM, Yaw, a close friend of her husband, OAP Teddy Don Momoh who revealed on Wazobia Fm this morning, saying: “One of our very own is dead. May her soul rest in peace.” This is coming after it was reported on June 11, that she had allegedly woken up from her Coma. On June 4, her husband, Teddy Don Momoh confirmed the report that she was in coma after he took to twitter to ask Nigerians to pray for her. Meanwhile a close family source had earlier revealed she was diagnosed of having pre-eclampsia – pregnancy induced high blood pressure. It will be recalled that on June 9 that a Nigerian doctor, Dr Adeyefa while speaking on her sickness said she might die as her chances of survival was very slim while urging Nigerians to pray for her as that's the only thing that can bring her out of the coma. The award-winning Kefee who started her music career at the age of 8 in her church choir has hit songs like ‘Branama’ and ‘Kokoroko’ and she won best collaboration Headies Award in 2010. Kefee who was in her mid 30s recently returned to Nigeria after she had travelled to the United states in 2013 to complete her courses in production and directing at the Chicago Access Network TV, graduating as a certified video director. She also released a new song and was working on an album before she met her untimely death. Kefee got married to Star FM's Teddy 'Don Momoh in 2012 and just recently in May celebrated her wedding anniversary. This is so Sad. May her soul Rest in Peace. Celebs like Dare Art-Alade, Timaya, Sasha, K-Solo, Niyola, Yemi Alade, Bouqui have taken to social media to pay tribute to the late Kefee. See below READ MORE: http://news.naij.com/68097.html

Thursday, 12 June 2014



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Friday, 6 June 2014