Thursday, 31 July 2014

Mad Money: $22 Billion CASH, Pure Gold Guns, Other Exotic Things Found In Mexican Drug Lord’s House [LOOK]

Mad Money: $22 Billion CASH, Pure Gold Guns, Other Exotic Things Found In Mexican Drug Lord’s House [LOOK]
In March 2007, the Mexican government entered the home of Mexican drug lord, Mr. Ye Gon’s and seized hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. In an interview with the news agency AP, Mr. Ye Gon explained he agreed to keep the money in his home after his life, as well as those of his family, were threatened by members of Mexico’s PAN party.
The fortune, reportedly found by the police at the residence of a Mexican drug lord at Lomas de Chapultepec in Mexico City included the following:
207 million U.S. dollars
18 million Mexican pesos
200,000 euros
113,000 Hong Kong dollars
11 centenarios (Mexican gold bullion coins made of 1.20565 oz t (37.5 g) of pure gold.
A great amount of jewels, of unknown value
Confiscated along with the money were also:
Two Mexican-style dwellings of approximately 20 million pesos
A war chest of automatic guns
1 lab in construction of unknown value
7 vehicles
Check out the photos below:

Religious-themed handguns were scattered throughout the House.

Just a quaint little villa in the hills – Drug money bought it all!

Man-made cave and hot tub inside the home.

A collection of exotic animals

8 Lions

A very rare Tiger.

The back yard pool.

Exotic art collection

This pile of cash before it was counted was estimated to be approximately 18 Billion Dollars!

Guns were hidden all over the house, along with ample ammo, just in case of trouble.

Stacks of cash were found in every nook and cranny…

18 plastic bins filled with 100 dollar bills were found…

Another cabinet stacked tight with cash – all 100′s.

More 100′s.

Each of these stacks of 100′s holds USD 250,000 (a quarter of a million US dollars)! They also had millions in Colombian money and Mexican Pesos, although they preferred American dollars for the most part.

More Gold machine guns and pistols –  just held for collection value.

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