Thursday, 31 July 2014

Police has explains rise in female suicide bombings in Nigeria

The Nigeria Police Force spokesperson Frank Mba has given
an insight into the recent rise of female suicide bombers in
Addressing newsmen at the National Information Center
yesterday, Mr Mba said Boko Haram men now use women
because they raise fewer suspicions.
"If you have been following the trends of terrorism
worldwide, you will understand that use of female suicide
bombers is actually not totally new. It is actually a new
trend in our own part of the world. The reasons why
established international terrorist organizations go for
female suicide bombers is clear. The major reason is that
women raise fewer suspicions, particularly with security
layers, and so they take advantage of the fact that
women raise fewer suspicion to try to indoctrinate and
recruit female suicide bombers. The suspicion even
becomes much lesser if the woman in question is a minor
and that explains why. In addition to that is the fact that
by rules of engagement that we are cultured to, male
security operatives are not allowed to frisk or search
females but we are equally developing counter terrorism
strategies to deal with that." he said
He disclosed that more female police officers will now be
stationed on roads and other places where stop-and-search
exercises are being carried out.
"Nigerians should prepare to see more female police
officers, more female bomb disposal experts, more
female DSS operatives, more female soldiers actually in
combat operations and carrying out stop-and-search," he

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