Monday, 11 August 2014

Dear FANS readers: Did my ex-GF marry another man while pregnant for me

From a male FAN reader

My girlfriend and I broke up just four months ago in April
and I found out she got married this past weekend.
At the time we were dating, she kept asking me to marry
her. In fact that was the reason she broke up with me
when I told her I wasn't ready to settle down. We are
both 28.

I was surprised at how fast she had found someone else
when I heard she was getting married in Asaba on
Saturday only for me to see the wedding photos and see
she's heavily pregnant. She's at least seven months
pregnant. This lady and I were lovers up until she ended
our relationship in April. And I remember she was very
anxious to tie the knot back then but she never
mentioned she was pregnant. Could the child she's
carrying be mine? I don't know why I have this feeling it
could be. Should I ask her? And if the child is not mine, it
means she was pregnant for this man back in April when
she was begging me to marry her? But I believe more
that she's about to give my baby to another man. What
should I do?

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