Sunday, 3 August 2014

How Romantic: Man Proposes To Girlfriend Via Removal Van (PHOTOS)

Grand gesture: James Smallwood in his
dad's removal van (Photo Credit:
These days popping down on one knee
in a restaurant just isn't enough.
If your proposal isn't via an elaborately
staged flash mob, a Disney-themed
mural or a kitten, you're doing it wrong.
So when 29-year-old James Smallwood
decided he wanted to propose to his
girlfriend, he knew he needed a grand
With his dad running his own removal
firm, the solution seemed obvious: a
large banner on the side of a removal
'Gobsmacked': Tanya was
overwhelmed by the proposal (Photo
Credit: SWNS)
He told the Sunderland Echo: 'I had lots
of ideas and this was just something
that popped into my head.
'I thought it would be nice to get my
dad's business involved to make it a
family thing that we could look back on
in years to come.'
She said yes: Tanya confirms her
answer (Photo Credit: SWNS)
While some might suggest using a
removal van isn't the most romantic of
gestures, Tanya Robson, 28, was pretty
Tanya 'couldn't stop laughing' after
spotting the van driving towards her
after work, and said afterwards: 'I was
absolutely gobsmacked. I am
overwhelmed with the response from
people in Sunderland tooting their
horns, taking pictures and asking to
hear the full story. It was original,
unexpected, quirky, comical, and
romantic all at the same time.'

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