Sunday, 17 August 2014

New Bride Rushed To Hospital Still Having Orgasm’s 2 Hours After Sex, While Husband Records It (SEE)

A new bride was left exhausted in a
hospital emergency room, after she
couldn't stop orgasming for more than
Doctors were left baffled by the bizarre
incident, captured on camera by the
woman's husband.
In the video uploaded to YouTube, the
woman is seen struggling to speak as
she has repeated orgasms while sitting
in her hospital bed, with medics
handing her Valium in a bid to get her
body to relax.
She tells the doctor: "For the first 10
minutes I was like, this is awesome but
now it's exhausting.
"This is so embarrassing. I will never
forget this."
But while reasuuring her patient that
emergency room staff are used to all
sorts of unusual situations, the doctor
seemed able to offer little help – saying
that when she tried to research similar
cases on the internet, her computer
And her husband of just a few months
just seems amused.
When the doctor says "he's getting a
kick out of this!", he replies, "she asked
me to do this!"
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