Friday, 1 August 2014

Police Arrests Notorious Bank Robbers In Bauchi

A gang of notorious hoodlums who
specialized in bank robbery were
nabbed by the Bauchi state police on
Friday, August 1, 2014.
These group of robbers usually hang
around banks to monitor customers who
came for any monetary transactions
and would secretly follow
the unsuspecting victims till they get to a
point were they could attack them and
abscond with their money.
They met their dead end on Friday,
August 1, 2014 when they tried robbing
a 30-year-old Nasiru Haruna, who
came to the bank to withdraw N2
million for his business outfit in town.
This Day reports:
The modus operandi of the robbers
was to hang around bank premises
and monitor customers who had
come to withdraw huge amount of
money, and would secretly wedge
their cars with a piece of slippers
studded with several nails so that
the driver would drive his or her car
over it while leaving.
The robbers would careful trail the
unsuspecting victims till they get to
a point where the tyres would be
deflated and the driver forced to
stop before they attack their victims.
But yesterday, the robbers were not
that lucky as their targeted victim
spotted them right from when he
was leaving the bank as they
continued to follow him. But when
he later noticed a flapping sound
coming from one of his rear tyres as
a result of deflation, he became
alert. He also noticed that the two
guys on followed him and were also
trafficking to park in his direction.
The victim, Nasiru Haruna, had to
quickly come out of his car just in
time to grab one of the robbers who
had smartly opened Nasiru's Honda
car booth and lifted the bag
containing the N2 million. It was
during the struggle that the robber
sighted men of the Police Mobile
Force advancing towards them and
quickly let go the bag and fled, but
the other accomplice who was
riding the bike was not lucky as
volunteers on bikes and cars chased
and arrested him.
Confirming the incident, the Police
Public Relations officer Muhammed
Haruna, said the victim was smart
to quickly alert the police while he
was being trailed.
According to him "it was at about
1315 hours, when one Nasiru
Haruna, aged 30yrs of Kofar Dumi,
Bauchi, said he withdrew the sum of
N2.1 million from First Bank, Bauchi,
put same in the booth of His Honda
Civic, registration number Abuja EH
774 ABJ.
"At the Fire Service Junction,
Ahmadu Bello Way, he noticed a
flapping sound from his tyre and
stopped to check. All of a sudden,
one John Nwaihim of Obinwanna
village, Njaba LGA, of Imo State,
aged 36 years came riding Kasuki
motor cycle with registration
number, Enugu JRV 597 QH,
carrying one Eze Odu 'm' 40yrs of
same address, now at large who
were trailing him, swung into action.
"The fleeing Eze opened the vehicle
booth, took the money and made a
move to run. The complainant
grabbed him. He dropped the
money and fled. His accomplice
John was arrested with the Motor
cycle. John claims he came in this
morning from Imo State via Jos to
Bauchi, met Eze who gave him the
bike to ride and also placed the nail
studded slippers for the victim.
Investigation is in progress and
effort is on to apprehend the fleeing
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