Friday, 26 September 2014

Amber Rose to get over $1M from Wiz Khalifa based on Prenup

She may be devastated over her split from 27 year old Wiz Khalifa,but Amber Rose who would be 31 next month would be smiling to the bank by virtue of her prenup agreement.TMZ reports
Amber Rose will score more than a million bucks from Wiz Khalifa ... based on a long prenup she demanded before getting married ... Amber made numerous demands in the prenup ... which is more than 8 pages long. We're told it's because she will get more money in her 1-year-marriage than she would without a prenup
She does have a problem. According to her legal docs, Amber wants spousal support in addition to her million bucks. Our sources say the prenup specifically denies her the right to spousal support, in return for getting the 1-time payout.
Wiz is said to be worth $30million

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