Monday, 15 September 2014

Another Boat Mishap: 4 Dead,1 Missing In Lagos

A speed boat owned by Oke'ra Nla
Boat Association, Ajah in Lagos state
capsized over the weekend, killing 4
people, with 1 still missing, Vanguard
There were divergent accounts as to
how the boat which has 22 passengers
aboard got involved in the accident with
some saying it hit with a log of wood,
while others say serious waves was to
blame for the mishap of the water
vessel which was heading to Bayeku
from Oke-Ira.
An eyewitness to the incident who didn't
want his name disclosed stated that the
boat was struck from behind by another
boat which was on top speed with both
boats hitting the waves uncontrollably,
after which the boat behind hit the ill-
fated boat which in turn capsized.
A total of 17 people were able to be
rescued from the accident, with 1
missing while the 4 dead were said to
be carpenters who had been in Ajah for
a week working and were returning to
Agbowa when the unfortunate fate
befell them.
Some passengers had earlier refused to
put on the life jackets for fear of the
Ebola Virus.
A local diver who helped in the rescue
operation had this to say: "The boat
operator was dumbfounded and could
not recollect the number of passengers
in the boat. It was when we got to the
jetty that we cross-checked the number
and we went back only to find four
bodies inside the boat,"
When Vanguard arrived at the scene of
the accident the operator of the boat
was reportedly being questioned by
the police while officers of the company
which owned the boat had been invited
for similar questioning by the Lagos
State Waterways Agency (LASWA)

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