Saturday, 20 September 2014

How to Add Value to Your Property by Redesigning Your Bathroom

The bathroom might be one of the smallest rooms in a
property but it really can be the one thing that makes or
breaks a sale. I have visited hundreds of properties over the
years. Many of those have been homes and offices of clients
requiring an upgrade. You will be surprised to know how
many 'brand new' bathrooms we have had to gut and
completely re-design because they were badly designed,
used low quality tiles and sanitary ware, or were in a style
or colour scheme that was just not appealing. I typically
advise developers or clients investing in property for rental or
re-sale to make sure they get the bathrooms right. Anyone
can easily change the paint on the walls if they don't like the
colour scheme, but the thought of having to deal with
plumbing and tiling might just put some potential buyers off
or increase the likelihood of them making a low offer
Now, adding value isn't just about being able to command a
high rental or sale value. The bathroom should be the place
we go to refresh, unwind and prepare ourselves for a new,
busy day. They're places of relaxation and rejuvenation, not
just rooms for a plain old wash and go!
So it's no wonder that creating beautiful bathrooms can add
significantly to the value and your enjoyment of your home. If
you don't fancy building a whole new bathroom, revamping
your existing wash space alone can have a big impact on
how much your home is worth.
Ready for an upgrade? Here are a few redesign options, tips
and tricks to consider if you're thinking about "splashing
Think big
Bigger is better when it comes to bathrooms. It's common for
household bathrooms to be relatively compact spaces, which
means that more expansive bathrooms immediately feel
more luxurious in comparison. When you're looking to add
value to your home or development, it's this luxurious feel
you'll need to create.
If you're not able to extend your bathroom or don't have the
budget to fund costly replumbing, there are a few ways you
can make the most of the space you do have and make your
bathroom feel artificially larger...
Using large tiles instead of small tiles for flooring will create
a sense of space. Choose a dark shade and opt for a lighter
tone for the walls to increase this effect. Meanwhile, making
the most of natural light with well-placed mirrors can also
help give a sense of roominess.
Storage matters
Another powerful way to maximise space in a bathroom
redesign is to focus on creating as much storage space as
possible. This won't just increase how large the room feels, it
will also add value in its own right. Where possible, add or
utilise nooks and build inset storage to make tucking away
towels and toiletries neat and convenient.
Be decadent
Double basins, vanity mirrors, steam showers, jet baths, built
in televisions; there are all sorts of luxurious fixtures you may
want to consider when remodelling your bathroom.
Something a little decadent and different can be a real
selling point when it's time to move on - and you'll get lots of
relaxing enjoyment out of it in the meanwhile.
Before you commit to this type of expensive, exclusive
feature, take a little time to think about the sorts of buyers
likely to be interested in your property. Which feature would
best suit their lifestyle? Which is the most desirable little
extra for them? Careful deliberation will help you pick that
perfect tempting fixture which will set your property apart
and tug at their buyers during negotiations.
Fine finishes
The materials you use in your bathroom are crucial to the
atmosphere you create in your space. This is one of the most
tactile places in the home, which means that surfaces need to
feel as good as they look.
They also need to last. Again, you want to achieve a real
sense of luxury to get the most value from your upgrade.
From gold and bronze fittings to polished nickel and hand-
painted tiles, put care into the long-lasting, high quality
materials you choose and you'll enjoy a beautiful new
bathroom and a very healthy valuation when it's time to sell

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