Saturday, 20 September 2014

Let them say I will not dance naked!

I will neither dance
naked in the market
square, nor take my bath
with my clothes on if the
Super Eagles with Chief
Stephen Keshi at the helm
of affairs, nick a landing
place at MAROC '15.

Rather, I will keep more
faith in the Lord for His
matchless and never to be
paralleled miracles.
We do not change
because it is said that, the
only thing in life that is
constant, is change.
Rather we change because
life itself changes for it to
go on; and if we do not
change, life will go on
without us. So why not
change when the people,
who make life worth the
while are calling for a
This is the crux of my
gospel for today and it
underscores why I have
decided to cull this from
the September 13 issue of
this newspaper.
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