Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nicki Minaj is a groupie, I made her who she is but she ditched me -Ex-Manager Big Fendi

Nicki Minaj has sure stepped on many toes as she rose to the top.Last time, it was her wig maker who says she dumped him after he created her colorful looks and image, now the man who discovered her on Myspace,Big Fendi ,
accuses her of kicking him to the curb after he introduced her to rappers and Lil Wayne who eventually signed her .He said Nicki who is now worth $52m, gave him $15,000 which he rejected.He told the Breakfast Club..
"We don't talk. We talk through lawyers now.Nicki tried to offer me a finder's fee of $15,000. Yeah, I laughed at it. You can't be serious.'Nicki's a groupie. I mean, Nicki jumps from - Nicki started with me in '06, '07. I met her on MySpace - she had, like, a flyer page,'I switched it around. She was Nicki Maraj when I met her, I changed her name to Nicki Minaj.'How do you create an image, put it together, bring it to life. I put her with Young Money, I did everything. And she offered me $15,000 adding. They actually sent the $15,000, the money actually came. And she's been ducking me ever since. That was in '08.'

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