Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Shoki War! Orezi And Lil KeshFight In The Club

A mild drama ensued on tuesday evening
when two upcoming stars which have the hit
dance tune'shoki'to their names took to their
fists in a 'no love' situation atQuinox lounge.
The superstar pairs of Orezi and Lil Keshwere
detained by private security when the f1ght
broke out.
Eyewitnesses say it all started when the dj
played lil kesh's Shoki following his entrance
into the club, infuriating Orezi who was
previously in the club.
Speaking to FNN,Orezi said "what the dj did
was unthinkable, I mean I released the hit first
and so it should be on a first come first serve
basis, and the lil thwart or whatever he calls
him self was making noise (in the club), so I
had to stone his mouth with a pair of my J's".
Lil keshin return stoned Orezi with a
handkerchief filled withice blocks much to the
amusement of fellow clubbers.
Runs girl, Tola who was a witness said, me I no
care who sabi dance am pass or sing am first,
but na Lil kesh pay for my drink so I use him
With ice block massage him lips wey Orezi
stone with him J's, na so he carry am stone
Orezi punk commot for the guy head, na so
the f1ght start.
Quinox manager said 'my drinks sold enh as
people started trooping in to watch the f1ght
before security could break the two lads up, I
think shoki has a karate move because Lil
Kesh used it on Orezi'.
And this is how Lik kesh & Orezi with plant
there beefing seed just like D'Banj & Don
Source: FNN
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  1. all in the name of shoki abi