Monday, 29 September 2014

TOP-5 Extraordinarily Beautiful Tattoos Of Nigerian Celebrities

Tattooing is a quite popular way of body modification in USA and Africa. Of course celebrities adore this trend in Nigeria.
So we picked up a list of the most controversial entertainers and their tattoos.
1. Lady Di Oputa

Lady Di Oputa
The wife of a famous Charly Boy is also a fan of the ink. But despite their extraordinary looks, the couple has been married for more than 30 years. They have three children: two girls and one boy. But only one kid
is living in Nigeria with them.
2. Liz Anjorin 

Liz Anjorin
A popular Yoruba actress Liz Anjorin, who converted in Islam recently has a nice tattoo on her arm. But because of her new religion we can see it only when actress is playing her roles or when she poses in some photo-sessions. In real life she doesn’t dress seductively. In her case, there is a big difference between her personality and her job.
3. Charly Boy

Charlie Boy and his daughter
One of the most controversial Nigerian entertainers, Charly Boy is a well-known fan of tattoos and piercings. He is also a fan of biking, punk lifestyle and rock-n-roll. Even his youngest daughter, who is living in USA where she studies to become a fashion designer, is a big fan of tattoos and piercing, She just wants to be like her dad.
4. Ice Prince

Ice Prince
The king of extravagant behavior, Ice Prince likes to get tattoos with names and phrases. He has a tattoo of his real surname on his hand and the names of his sisters are also inked:
“I love my sisters so much, so I inked their names on my hand. I can’t use the names of my girlfriends because we might end the relationship someday”.
 5. Davido

Famous rapper is a big fan if inking too. He has several tattoos on his hands, back and neck. One of them tells “Ema dami duro, emi omo baba olowo” translated in English means “Don’t try to stop me, I am the son of a very rich man”. And he also has a picture of himself on his back.

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