Thursday, 9 October 2014

Don’t Allow Anyone To Manipulate You, Chose The Real Love - Waje

Singer Waje, who has recently come up with the new music video ‘No Be You’, spoke about relationships and addressed ladies.

According to Nigeriafilms, the beauty in her message urged women to first understand what they really want to see in their partner in order to be able to recognize the right person.

Waje also insisted that marriage is not about sex, but about sacred bond of the two meant for each other.
“Man and woman were made of the same material. Adam says, ‘She is bone of my bone.’ When you find a person with whom you are compatible, there is a bonding that consummates marriage that has nothing to do with sex. I also understand how you could feel this person to be the only choice in the world. Everyone you meet isn’t bone of your bone! It is important that you do not allow anyone to manipulate you into choosing someone with whom you have no bond.”

She stated the importance for every person to have the “sense of belonging”, which could be shared by the two “thirsty hearts at the oasis of a loving commitment”.
It would be recalled that back in May, Waje spoke about her private life and daughter in a sincere interview. The singer revealed she had not met the right person for herself, however she mentioned that being a single mother is “beautiful” and thanked God for everything she had been granted in life.

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