Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I Cannot Transform Nigeria In One Night, But… - Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has today, September 30, delivered speech on Nigeria’s present and future saying when major changes are to be expected.

President Goodluck Jonathan

Jonathan spoke in Abuja after receiving Primatial award conferred on him by Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria, Anglican Church, Most Revd. Nicholas Okoh, Vanguard reports.
The country president stressed the importance of patience which should be exercised on the way to success, saying that transformations are not made in one night.
“We have our transformation agenda, it is not something we can do overnight even if you have all the money in the world. If you want to build a six-storey building, you must give yourself a period that must be a time for you to complete that project.” 
The incumbent president also expressed the opinion that the nation was moving in the right direction adding that with the progress tempos kept on the same level, in 10 years the state of the country will substantially improve.
“We have drawn our map and we have progressed. I believe we are progressing in the right direction. For you to really build a society, you need to do things that are critical and continue to do them well. And those things we now changed the world that we are. If we take issues of econony, transport infrastructure, those things that will improve on the economy. And if the government continues to do those things very well, it would not take a lifetime for this country to change. It would not take more than ten years. Within a space of ten years, you would see major changes.” 
Jonathan vowed to do everything possible on his behalf and on behalf of his administration to improve the Nigerians’ quality of life.
The country head also urged religious leaders and people to pray for wisdom.
“Without the fear of God, nobody can lead well. We are all humans. We are pushed into all kinds of situations. But if God is with you, no matter the challenges, no matter the circumstances you find yourselves.”
Jonathan recalled his childhood years, when he was a member of the Anglican Church, which was at that time the only church represented in his native village.
“I attended Anglican Primary School as a pupil. So I have to be very grateful to the Anglican Church that brought me up. I am what I am today because of the Anglican Church.”
In return Okoh commended Jonathan’s will to build a strong country, where fairness and justice would reign, for the benefit and welfare of Nigerians.

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