Saturday, 9 August 2014

Burna Boy didn’t fire me" - his mum speaks for the first time

A few weeks ago, music sensation Burna Boy took to Twitter
to announce that his mum, Bose Ogulu was no longer his
manager (read here). Speaking for the first time about it, his
mum insists she wasn't fired and she still manages most of
his business affairs.
Mrs Ogulu tells Punch
"I was not in the country when the story broke and I have
said I would not make any comment on it because it is
totally unimportant. Whether I am his manager or not, he
is my child and there is no role bigger than that. I am so
shocked about how people made a big deal of the issue.
I am not a musician or an entertainer, so I don't owe
anyone an explanation but he has done enough."
"They should just leave the poor boy alone. I am not a
twitter reading person; I talk to him on a daily basis, so I
am not interested in what is on twitter. I have absolutely
no problem with my child and as far as his career goes, I
still do what I have to do. I still do everything I used to do
but I cannot always do everything. I was out of the
country for about eight weeks, how much can I do? There
is no issue with us and there is no reason to feel anyhow.
It is something we discussed and I still do what I have to
do, I still manage some of his accounts, transactions and
endorsements but I can't do everything. There is no issue
there at all. If I have an issue with my son I would go and
meet him. I still handle his corporate shows because
nobody else can do that for now. I am only one person
and I am not a young person and he is going bigger
every day. This is not something that should have been
misconceived at all."
She also also reacted to Burna Boy's recent tweet where he
said he will never get married
"The boy is 23 and if he feels that at his age he would
not marry, he can change his mind in five years. He can
even change his mind tomorrow. I am just laughing that
he said he would not get married. How many people
have said that in the industry and are married today?
When I was younger, I remember saying that I would not
get pregnant when I saw pregnant women but now, I
have three children," she said.

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