Saturday, 9 August 2014

How A Married Woman Almost Seduced Me – Pastor Adeboye Recounts

The story of how a Lagos socialite tried
to seduce him gives give credence to
the saying that the bigger the head, the
bigger the headache. This readily
formed the nucleus of Pastor Enoch
Adeboye's sermon on Thursday night at
the ongoing 62nd annual convention of
the Redeemed Christian Church of God,
It was a deliverance service and almost
one million people had converged at the
auditorium of the Redemption Camp for
the event and they were held
spellbound when, their revered General
Overseer, Pastor Adeboye started to
narrate a ministry-threatening
experience he had to the consternation
of the crowd.
Preaching a sermon titled; 'The yoke-
destroyer', the man of God enumerated
three different kinds of yoke that
truncate one's dream of nosy future to
include; physical yoke, material yoke
and spiritual yoke, explaining that the
Holy Spirit is the only yoke destroyer
who is able to destroy any form of yoke
in any man's life. He further challenged
the congregation to be filled with the
power of the Holy Spirit and be agents
of God who will be breaking yokes,
noting that there were certain forces or
challenges of life that human beings
cannot solve by their own efforts except
through the help of the Holy Spirit.
Drawing inspirations from the Holy
Bible, where many persons were said to
have undergone several life-threatening
challenges, he narrated that a high
profile woman who was an executive of
the West African Examinations Council,
WAEC, did everything to seduce him.
According to him, the woman came to
him and announced to him that God
had told her that he would be her
husband, and immediately he rebuked
her, saying "you know that I am
happily married and have children."
That didn't deter the woman who
continued to pester him, and even came
to the camp to threaten him, saying "if
you stand on my way to marrying this
man, I will kill you."
Continuing, Pastor Adeboye took the
matter to then Inspector General of
Police who immediately invited the
woman and her husband to his office
and after a meeting banned the randy
woman from entering the Redemption
Camp or ever making passes at the
man of God. "But that measure didn't
stop her. I travelled to London without
telling anybody, to work on the church's
devotional, Open Heaven. As soon as I
settled down in the room, the telephone
rang and the voice at the other end
said: "welcome to London. I am coming
in 15 minutes," the cleric continued,
wondering why his audience responded
with a laughter.
Continuing, he said he told the voice:
"You don't know anything, you know
that the Police in London are very
efficient and if you dare come here, I
will call the Police for you." There is a
Police station a few meters from where I
am staying and she must have known
that because she didn't come but kept
calling me.
"I cried to God Who told me 'You know
of the scripture that says, whatever you
bind on earth is bound in heaven.'
Believe me honestly, unless God helps,
there are thongs you cannot handle on
your own," he stated, urging the large
crowd to stand and pray with holy
anger: "Anyone hindering my progress,
before this month is over, Holy Spirit
send down Your fire to consume them".
And spontaneously, the huge crowd of
worshippers responded with over 15
minutes of violent supplications to the
Most High God.
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