Saturday, 9 August 2014

Husband And Children Of Lagos Nurse Who Died Of Ebola Are On The Run

The husband and children of the
Nigerian nurse who died after getting
infected with the Ebola virus are on the
run, the health officials in the country
have said.
Nigeria is the fourth West African
country to be hit by the Ebola outbreak
since it first emerged in March in
Guinea. The virus entered the country
when Patrick Sawyer, who was
suffering from the disease arrived by
plane late last month in Lagos.
Sawyer, who worked for the Liberian
government in Monrovia and had a wife
and three young daughters in
Minnesota, was on a business flight to
Nigeria when he fell ill.
The nurse, the only Nigerian fatality
from the disease which has killed over
900 people in four West African
countries, was exposed to the virus at a
health facility Sawyer was taken before
his death.
The nurse's family were not the first to
flee from quarantine. In Sierra
Leone, health ministry data and
officials, dozens of people confirmed by
laboratory tests to have Ebola are now
unaccounted for.
Industry watchers say the government
more increase public awareness and
sensitisation to educate the public.
Meanwhile, the World Health
Organisation (WHO) is meeting with
Nigerian Ebola Research Team on
control and remedy of the disease.
A six-man research committee was
inaugurated by the Federal Government
on August 4, 2014 with a mandate to
carry out research on the deadly
contagious virus.

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