Friday, 12 September 2014

Criminal Escapes From Prison In Ondo, Joins Another Robbery Gang In Lagos, Gets Re-Arrested (PICTURED)

Policemen from the Lagos state police
command have arrested an inmate of
the Olokuta Prison, Akure, Ondo State,
Fabian Oladele, who was among the
175 people who escaped from prison in
2013. He was imprisoned for robbery,
snatching of cars from innocent
victims and diversion of trucks.
Fabian Oladele arrested by the police
during a robbery operation in Lagos
on Wednesday, June 18, 2014. (Photo
Credit: Punch News)
Oladele, who hails from Okitipupa in
Ondo State, was arrested by operatives
of the Abba Kyrai-led Special Anti-
Robbery Squad during a robbery
operation at Ojodu Berger, Lagos, on
Wednesday, June 18, 2014.
He had spent only 10 months out of his
jail term for robbery in Ondo State,
before a gang of robbers
had reportedly attacked the prison,
disarmed the wardens and freed some
of the inmates on June 30, 2013.
After he escaped from prison, the 30-
year old relocated to Lagos and joined
forces with another gang of robbers
who specialised in snatching expensive
vehicles and diverting trucks travelling
at night.
Vehicles snatched by the gang included
a Mercedez Benz 406, which had been
recovered by the police, a Nissan
vehicle and a Toyota SUV.
After his arrest, the suspect had led the
police to places where the gang had
sold stolen vehicles and trucks in Lagos,
Oyo and Osun states.
According to police report, Oladele's
gang also diverted a truck loaded
with fuel and sold to a buyer in Ibadan,
Oyo State.
Other trucks said to be diverted by the
gang were sold to buyers in Ogbomoso,
Oyo State and Ilesha, Osun State.
During interrogation, Oladele who
claimed to be a graduate from College
of Education in Ondo State said he
returned to robbery after his escape
from prison because of greed and bad
He said, "I was among the 175
prisoners who escaped from the cell on
that night. The incident happened in the
"It was when I left the prison that I
relocated to Lagos. I had earlier been
sentenced to prison because of my
friend who robbed a house implicated
"We were both in the cell together, but I
was not sure if he escaped. At that time,
I had spent only 10 months."
"A friend invited me to Lagos. I met one
Alhaji Kosomona who had his own
"I joined forces with him . I really regret
taking that action now.
"Before she died, my mother had
warned me to desist from bad
company, but I did not listen. I am
reaping the consequences now.
"I was given N100,000 for each
"Alhaji Kosomona and my other gang
members are in the cell of the Federal
Special Anti-Robbery Squad now."
However, Oladele, who is wanted by
the Ondo State SARS, might be
transferred to Akure for further
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