Friday, 12 September 2014

Over 100 Infected With Dengue Fever In Japan

About 103 people have been infected
by Dengue fever in Japan, the first time
there is a domestic outbreak of the
disease in about 70 years according to
government officials.
According to a report by News.com, the
Japanese ministry of health on
Thursday, September 11, 2014 said all
confirmed cases had visited the center
of the out break, Yoyogi Park in central
Tokyo, Japans capital.
A sizable portion of the part has been
closed to visitors as health officials
continue their findings as to the source
of the outbreak while catching
mosquitoes which carry the virus.
The fever which is more common in less
developed tropical regions, causes a flu-
like symptoms including head aches,
fever and joint pains. Although there
are no specific drugs, proper medical
attention can reduce the death rate to
under 1% according to the World Health
Organisation (WHO).
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