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Heartless man bathes wife,mother-in-law with acid

Will any man bath his own wife and mother in
law with acid
On the pitful saga of a mother of three and her own
mother after the husband poured a substance
believed to be acid on both women.
A woman, Simisola Olusi, and her aged

mother, are currently receiving treatment at an
undisclosed hospital in Lagos after the two
women were treated to an acid bath by the
woman's husband.
Simisola, 37, had been married to the father
of her three girls in the last 17 years, when
they were both The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo
State as students.
By then, it was gathered that Simisola was a
fresh student while Ranti Olusi, 40, was about
completing his Higher National Diploma course
in the institution.
Immediately after their marriage in 1997, the
couple relocated to Lagos where they had
their three daughters. It was gathered that
sometime early in 2013, Ranti, got a
storekeeper job at Sango-Ota in Ogun State
which came as a relief to the family having
been out of job for close to four years before
Once the man settled down at his new job, he
soon began to find excuses for his absence at
home even on weekends when he was always
away from work.
On many occasions, the wife had visited Ranti
in his office complaining of his prolonged
absence from home. In each of those times,
Ranti had always pleaded with his wife that
his new job would not allow him come home
as he used to do and that himself was missing
On the pretext that he could not be shuttling
their Sango-Ota home and his office, Ranti
was said to have got for himself a room and
parlour apartment at Ifo town, along Lagos-
Abeokuta expressway. It was gathered that
he never allowed his wife access to his new
It was gathered that anytime Ranti's three
daughters were on holiday and they
requested to come meet him to spend their
holiday, the man would refuse ion excuses
that he seldom come to sleep at home.
But around March this year, Simisola was
informed by a friend about her husband's
amorous relationship with another woman in
his new abode but the former would not have
anything to do with the story.
She was quite sure the man that made her a
woman would do no such thing. The bubble
burst recently when Simisola surreptitiously
located her husband house and was shocked
to find a woman in Ranti's apartment. It was
gathered that Simisola was in the company of
her whistleblower friend the day she was
On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Saturday
Mirror gathered that Simisola and her friend
were shown her husband's apartment when
she told two men in working in the opposite
house to where her husband's house after she
pretended to be Ranti's younger sister.
It was also gathered that when Simisola and
her friend opened the door to her husband's
apartment, a woman, half naked, emerged
from the sitting room and demanded to know
who they were to her husband.
A female neighbour to Ranti who spoke with
reporters but decline to give her name recalled
that Simisola had asked to see Baba Iretiola
when the woman in her husband's apartment
opened the door for them.
According to the neighbour, "When the two
women came in, they walked over to the
man's room to find the other woman dressing
up to go out. In fact, we did not know that the
man had another wife in Lagos.
But when they first wife and her friend arrived
in the house and found another woman in
Simisola's husband's apartment, there was an
immediate confrontation between the two
women," Simisola and her friend were said to
have beaten the new wife black and blue and
later returned back to their Sango base.
She was said to have assured the other
woman she would be back two days later
when her husband would be around to out the
matter to rest.
On the appointed day, Simisola, who had
reportedly informed her mother about the
development was accompanied to her
husband's house by her aged mother.
Apparently not taking anything for chance,
Ranti was said to be at home when his first
wife and her mother arrived at his house.
The woman neighbour continued, "The wife
and her mother were brought into the house
by a Lagos coloured taxi and when they both
alighted, they headed straight for the man's
apartment. By this time, many people had
gathered outside the house waiting for what
was to happen.
Suddenly, we heard cries from the parlour and
by the time we rushed there, the man had
sprayed them with acid," the woman said. It
was gathered that Simisola's burns were not
as severe as her mother's who was said to
have wanted to prevent the man from
defacing her daughter.
Saturday Mirror could not talk to Ranti. But
one Seun, said to be his relative, who was
summoned to the scene by another friend,
claimed that nothing had been heard of Ranti
since the incident happened.

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