Saturday, 20 September 2014

I went into robbery for vengeance – Suspect

Lanre James is currently in police custody after
he was arrested for series of robbery
operations after he had caused untold
hardship to unsuspecting members of the
public. But he was bold to tell interrogators
that he did not choose to take to crime of his
own, but was forced into it when his

commercial motorcycle was stolen from him.
As far as Lanre was concerned, his foray into
robbery became apparent when his means of
livelihood was taken away from him by a two-
man robbery gang sometime last year. Again
Lanre, 21, who hitherto was not used to
robbery also believed that the best way to join
the criminal world was to go the way he was
robbed of his prized motorcycle.
So, the first thing he did when going into
robbery was to arm himself with motorcycle,
believing that the 'trade' was easy as those
that robbed him of his motorcycle had done.
So, the first thing Lanre did was to seek
anyone that could buy a motorcycle for him
which he claimed he would use for commercial
But luck smiled on him when a woman chose
to purchase one motorcycle for him with the
agreement that he would repay the money on
installment basis.
No sooner had he got hold of the motorcycle
than Lanre and another partner-in-crime,
identified as Ramoni, started using the
motorcycle to rob people on major highways
in the metropolis. But the two robber-friends
also needed an instrument of force to make
their prey submit to their wishes, but since
they had no money to purchase one, they both
devised a means of realising their ambition.
They soon got a toy gun for their purpose and
commenced 'operation.' A secondary school
dropout, though, Lanre and his partner were
said to have terrorised innocent citizens in
parts of Yaba, Oyingbo and Ijora areas of the
In the last couple of months, the two of them
had reportedly disposed innocent citizens of
their valuables as well as cash iof varying
amount. But luck ran against Lanre recently
when a resident reportedly alerted law
enforcement agents of the Ijora Division to the
atrocities of the two men using commercial
motorcycles to rob innocent people.
With this information, an ambush was
reportedly laid for Lanre and his partner-in-
crime but on that fateful day, the law
enforcement agents could only get hold of him
During interrogation, Lanre claimed that he
did not intend to become robber but chose to
when he was also robbed. He begins his story,
"I have been an unlucky child since birth and
my situation grew from bad to worse when my
father died as I had no one to take good care
of me.
" I came to Lagos a few years back in search
of greener pastures and I started living with a
friend of mine, Taiwo, and we live in Oyingbo
Taiwo then took me to a business woman who
purchased a motorcycle and sold to me at
higher purchase, but the machine was later
stolen from me. It was at this stage that I
decided that since I have no one to turn to
again, I would also do what was done to me
to others."
Lanre recalled how two passengers he picked
at Idumota to Maryland area of the metropolis
dispossess him of the motorcycle that was
purchased for him by his benefactress.
"I was using the bike for commercial purposes
and paying the woman untill I encountered
two passengers who boarded my bike from
Idumota to Maryland. When we got to
Maryland, the two passengers forcefully took
the bike from me and told me that they
wanted to use the bike to rob and that I
should come back to Idumota to retrieve my
"I went to Idumota for two days but I did not
see them there. That was when I realised that I
had been tricked.
That was the day I made up my mind to
avenge the treatment meted to me. And it was
not long when Ramoni introduced me to
robbery." Lanre has since been transferred to
the State Criminal Investigations Department
(SCID) at Panti for further investigations while
a manhunt is now launched for his partner-in-
A source at Panti told reporters that Lanre was
cooperating with law enforcement agents in
their investigations.

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